About Us

When you’re in troubled tax times such as these, you need experience on your side. Hurley’s Tax has what it takes to resolve all your tax needs.

Pat earned two master degrees in Financial Management and a bachelor’s degree in Business. He has written numerous tax magazine articles, and speaks before various groups on income taxes and recordkeeping for individuals and businesses.

Having spent 14 years as an Internal Revenue Agent with the IRS in Southern California performing tax audits, his firm prepares individual and business income tax returns, as well as representing individuals and businesses during government audits and correspondence.

Prior to opening his office in Medford, he owned and operated an office in Southern California with over 1,200 clients in 41 states and 7 foreign countries. In addition, he has represented clients in over 1,100 IRS tax audits. Indeed, Pat’s personal knowledge of the complex tax system, as well as his experience in the IRS, provides him with the unique understanding of the complexities in taxes that will benefit you.

Call “Pat” at 541-774-1040 to help you with the preparation of your individual or business income tax returns.