Hurley’s Tax is here for all of your income tax needs. Whether it’s filling out forms, providing advice, or representing you in an IRS audit, Pat will ensure that you get the best professional service available.

Tax Preparations

His office can prepare your individual, partnership, or corporation tax returns. Pat is here to assist you no matter how complex your returns are.

Tax Planning

An essential component of minimizing your expenses and maximizing your return, tax planning is critical to financial success. By working with Pat, you’ll be able to get a holistic look at your financials, ensuring that you’re in the best possible position when tax season does roll around.

Audit Representation

Owe the IRS money? Facing an IRS tax audit? Pat will provide you with an honest assessment and proper guidance to resolve all of your issues. As a result, he is able to get the process done quickly and efficiently, while providing you with the best representation.

Want to learn more about our tax planning services? Give Pat a call at 541-774-1040 today!