My prior tax accountant said I could not claim my disabled daughter that I fully support because she is 38 years old. Pat filed 3 years of amended tax returns and I got back over $5,600 in refunds. He showed me in the Internal Revenue Code and IRS.Gov web site where I was entitled to claim her and this took only 10 minutes to show me. Being a former IRS Agent, and a licensed Enrolled Agent, he knows the tax laws and spent time explaining the purpose of having a licensed tax professional.

Nancy S
Medford, OR

I met Pat Hurley at a “LYONESS” meeting and asked him if he would look at my taxes because I went to H & R Block to have my 2013 taxes done. I then took them to Pat for a free review afterwards and between Federal and State, I owed $1,122.

Pat reviewed the returns and determined that my totally disabled son was eligible to be on my tax return and he fully showed me why I could claim him. Pat redid my 2013 tax returns and I am getting back a total refund of $6,829 and not owing the government anything. He then amended my 2010, 2011 and 2012 Federal and State tax returns and I am getting back $8,392 more!

Total refunds for all four years is $15,221 and I make less than $11,000 per year. In conclusion, he had me go back to H & R Block and I got back my entire fee that I paid to them.

What more can I say than “WOW”.

Steve H
Medford, OR

I saw Pat in October and he did 5 years of tax returns in 2 days, and when he finished, I did not owe any tax to IRS or State. He is amazing and asked many direct questions that I never knew were tax deductible for my business, and explained bookkeeping, keeping records and the purpose of issuing Form 1099’s. Medford, Oregon is lucky to have a man with his knowledge.

Jim F
Medford, OR

Dennis and I appreciate all you have done for us! We can never thank you enough for the tax service you’ve provided the past two years, and now. You’re a great gentleman. Thank you so much.

Dennis and JoAnn
Red Bluff, CA

Got the check in the mail to IRS or where ever the envelope goes today. I hope the stamp from Canada counts as getting mailed today! Breeding season is in full bloom and my stallion has to stay in his jail paddock cause he got in with the girls… naughty boy! When we have no taxable income do we still have to check in every year with the tax men? Anyhow, keep well because without you I would feel lost. You are a kind and wonderful man. You will hear from me again!!!

Alberta, Canada

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for all that you have done. I know my Dad has marveled and thanked you over and over again, but truthfully because of you I feel this big monster weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. A weight I have been carrying for what seems like 100 years. I’m sure you already know this, but after all of the dust settled the IRS ended up giving me money back. Can you believe it?!? I have never received one of those colorful checks in my adult life. To have it all sorted out and come out on their good side for the first time makes me feel like a valuable human being. Today I deposited the check into my account and it will go toward paying off other debts that have been holding me back. Thank you for being such an amazing mind, and really taking something so complex and breaking it down into real language in a less scary light. I just wanted to thank you again.

Jennifer P
Grants Pass, OR

Everyone knows the adage about death and taxes and Pat Hurley of Hurley’s Tax Service can help you out with one of them. Living overseas my tax situation is a little different than most Americans, and I had not filed in over 4 years. Pat was right on top of it. Not only did he get me caught up with the IRS quickly and efficiently, he got the IRS to waive or reduce several of the various penalties and fees that had been levied against me. On top of all that he is a Lyoness Merchant, and that puts cold hard cash back in your pocket. Ask Pat about the Lyoness opportunity. It was a great experience and Hurley’s Tax Service will be doing my taxes for 2016 and beyond.

Gregory G
Skopje, Macedonia